Oudh by Sian

The essence of royalty

Trusted distillers and traders of Oudh Oil and Oudh Wood Chips in India


Oudh by Sian is a global brand specializing in Agarwood (Oud or Oudh) — the wood of the gods.

Having acres of Agarwood farms in the pristine Himalayan foothills of Assam (India), we distill 100% pure dark & rich oudh oils with naturally matured agarwood trees. It is also called Hindi Oudh or Ameer Al Oud.

We also deal in the finest quality of oudh wood chips of various grades and aroma — with a long-lasting balminess and a soul-soothing encounter with the serenity.

Our oudh products transcend you into a world of royalty… lending luxury & sukoon!

experience oudh

take an olfactory journey to the Orient.

Revered by the ancient maharajas, nizams, and now, the royals and sheikhs in Arabia, our oudh products make you experience the essence of royalty.


At Sian, we provide you with 100% pure and premium quality of agarwood oudh oil (attar) and oudh (oud) wood chips.

Dark & Rich Oudh Oils

Hindi Oudh

Our intense oudh oils are refined from the wood of naturally matured agar trees (aged over 20 years) at our distilleries in Assam (India). They are prepared from 3-4 weeks of hydro-distillation under controlled temperatures.

These agarwood oudh oil is available in three grades:

  1. Riwayat Oudh Oil or Oud Attar

The best-grade oudh oil. It has an enchanting, strong, woody aroma giving you a sense of calm, tranquility, serenity, and a royal luxury.

  1. Sufiyana Oudh Oil or Oud Attar

A high-quality oudh oil of its own kind. It has a soothing, woody, alluring fragrance but comparatively lighter notes than Riwayat Oudh.

  1. Boya Oudh Oil

A lower-grade oudh oil. It is used as a base for making oudh (oud) perfumes, oudh soaps, candles, and other fragrance cosmetics & products made from oudh or agarwood oil.

Oudh Wood Chips

We also deal in the finest quality of oudh (oud) wood chips of various grades and fragrance density — selected through careful inspection and rigorous quality assurance.

Our wood chips are obtained from the Agar tree (Aquilaria malaccensis) which mature for over 20 years. The older the tree is… the darker the color of the wood… and the higher is the quality of the oudh wood chips!

As a cherished fragrance across the world (especially in the Middle East), Agarwood Oudh Wood Chips are often ignited directly in a Madkhan — for a long-lasting scent, to draw positive energy, and create a space of serenity.

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